Implication of question mark raises a lot of concern which put a person in a confusing state, ‘whether he should or should not’ use LIC premium payment online. This might sound easy to tackle but when you are facing such dilemma, in reality, you also understand the confusion involved before making payment. After all,  LIC online payment is the very new thing for people who just recently got up from the hangover of insurance agents delayed payment process due to which insurer like you have to bear the penalty of late payment. So from their point of view believing online premium payment gateways is a little difficult but not impossible if guided the right way. But you get feel secure when you get to know that Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC) itself launched the facility for its billions of policyholders to use online payment method via e-wallets interface like paytm, mobikwik etc. which gives ultra-convenience to them over other payment methods especially conventional approach.

So, to make the scenario of LIC premium payment online crystal clear in front of you below is the detail procedure that makes you confident to pay the LIC premium online.

  •    As a policyholder, you are free to make payment at your own comfortable pace 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This will give you the liberty to pay the premium before the due date from the time or your choice.
  •    Using the digital wallets like tez, mobikwik, paytm will save you from visiting LIC office and stand in a queue to pay the premium by cash or by cheque. The only thing you need is a Smartphone with good internet connectivity.
  •    Avail free online payment facilities for LIC premium as you don’t have to pay any additional charges to LIC itself neither any online payment platform you choose.
  •    You will automatically receive the reminders and alerts by email from the LIC registered branch about the premium dues along with the amount need to pay.
  •    Enable you to avoid the expenses of postage or courier     in sending the remittance to LIC
  •    Avail many rewards (cashback, discounts, coupons etc.) in return as a gift for taking initiative to online premium payment.

If breaking the long story in short, then it is right to say that in online mode you are the decision maker and don’t have to rely on anyone especially your insurance agent. Why take unnecessary efforts to pay LIC premium when you have the right access to make direct payment online. LIC e-services serve convenience in every term and also proved to be boon for LIC policyholders. Whether you are a registered member or non-registered both avail the same privilege of LIC online payment services. LIC also facilitates its user as well as policyholders to pay the renewal premium amount, loan interest, repayment of a loan using LIC favorable online payment gateways that accept multiple modes including credit, debit card, UPI, BHIM, internet banking etc.

Needless to say that using online payment approach for LIC premium gives convenient and hassle-free life. No need to worry about insecurity because LIC is always there with you in every moment of your life.

Can LIC Premium be Paid Online?